Food Haul!

If you didn’t already know this month I am attempting to meal plan and keep my food costs as low as possible. So when I arrived back at uni, for the first time ever I went to the supermarket armed with a strict shopping list of everything that I would need! I am keeping a record of all my costings this month and I wanted to share my food shop with you.

I also recorded a food haul video on my new YouTube channel so go check it out and I would love it if you could subscribe!


  • Natural yoghurt £0.95
  • Smoked salmon pieces £2.50
  • Leeks 500g £1.00
  • Sliced ham £1.50
  • Butter £1.60
  • Cheese £2.30
  • Mushrooms £0.90
  • Peppers (x3) £1.10
  • Eggs (15 pack) £2.05


  • Quorn pieces £2.00
  • Quorn mince 500g £3.00
  • Prawns £2.50
  • Pizza £1.30
  • Frozen berries £2.00


  • Wholemeal brown bread £0.55
  • Tinned tomatoes (6 pack) £3.00
  • Weetabix (72 pack) £4.00
  • Olive oil £2.35
  • Soup (2 tins £0.95 each) £1.90
  • Tinned sardines (2 tins £0.45 each) £0.90
  • Tuna (4 pack) £4.00
  • Porridge £1.60
  • Granola 1kg £2.00
  • Potatoes £1.50
  • Sweet Potatoes 1.25kg £1.25
  • Tin of mixed beans (x2 £0.65 each) £1.30
  • Onions £0.75


  • Bananas £0.78
  • Satsumas £1.00

Total: £51.58

-£3.00 coupon

Total amount I paid: £48.58

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 23.08.17

This is not too bad seeing as I bought a lot of food that would last the whole month and also considering that some of the items will last longer than one month, such as weetabix and porridge.

I hope this is helpful, and please comment any tips you have for saving money, or any good recipes I could try out!

Chloe x


17 thoughts on “Food Haul!

  1. proud of you. you’ve got this💙. and i save money by buying lots of things in bulk, such as almonds, granola, rice, dried fruits, and trail mix. bulk is much cheaper per pound!! ☺️☺️

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  2. I never went to uni but part of me wishes I did because I love budgeting for stuff. There’s a really a good student cookbook though which I have used called Nosh for Students and its worth checking out! Great post 😊

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  3. Love this post 👌🏻 I am so bad at shopping if I don’t take a list… everything just gets thrown in my trolley and ends up being twice as expensive as I wanted!
    Taking a list and sticking to it is definitely the way forward! X

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    1. Haha I used to be exactly the same, and sometimes I’ll still go to the shops just to get some milk and still come out with an entire food shop and a cushion or something else random! But I have definitely found lists really helpful so I don’t just pick up everything!! x

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