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* I received the product featured in this post free of charge in return for a fair and honest review, all opinions are my own and I would not promote something I don’t love and think would benefit you all, my lovely readers *

Moving away from home can be daunting, especially the move to university. Moving university accommodation each year for the past three years I always like to make my room homely and to reflect me in someway; I feel this makes a room into a much more inviting environment.

I was contacted by Photowall, a Swedish brand that designs and creates beautiful canvas prints and wall murals, offering me a canvas print or wall mural; they can also print your own photos which I think is a lovely personal touch. Photowall, are incredibly accommodating and they have a form on the website where you can request customisation, and they will get back to you very promptly.

Looking through their website I came across a design of a world map, with manuscript paper in the shape of the countries. For me this was perfect and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting (if I was a canvas, this would for sure be me!) I love music and I also adore travelling and the dream is to be able to travel and play music! Having this to look at every day is definitely the inspiration I need to keep me going through my finals at University!

I ordered the canvas, and it came very quickly with free delivery! It arrived de-assembled, but with instructions and all the tools needed to assemble the frame. Due to the size of the canvas, (vs. the size of me!) assembling this was definitely a two-person job, but I think that a smaller canvas would have been more manageable for one person! Assembling it was a little tricky, as the measurements didn’t quite match up, but I think this was because the canvas sheet had to be pulled tightly which was quite hard to do in such a small space, so in hindsight, it would have been more sensible to find a bigger place to assemble it, but my university house is quite small this year! Despite the slight difficulties putting it together it was completely worth it, as by coming safely wrapped up, it reduced the risk of it being damaged before it arrived.


The canvas is such amazing quality and looks stunning, it definitely adds a really personal touch to my room, as this design really reflects me. My advice would be to check the measurements of the wall you intend to hang it on before ordering as I completely forgot to do this and had to find somewhere else to put it!!

Photowall gave me my very own discount code for 20% off for all you lovely readers, and I thought that this was such a lovely gesture, and something that I could finally give back to you all for being so supportive. What’s more is that by shopping with Photowall you are also supporting their Vi Agroforestry aid organisation which plants trees in Eastern Africa and helps people to have a better quality of life.

My lovely friend Bexa also wrote a review with really helpful pictures on how to assemble your canvas (which I completely forgot to do in all the excitement of it arriving!) so go and have a read of her post.

Thank you so much Photowall for sending me this, it is perfect!! Check out the Photowall website and all the wonderful designs, or get your own photo printed using the discount code: ChloeLuyeCampaign2018 for 20% off which is valid for 30 days, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Chloe x


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