Productive Mornings

Good morning!

I know first hand how hard mornings can be, and let me tell you from experience that morning naps are entirely possible! I thought I’d start off my first blog post of 2018 by sharing a few ways that I personally find make mornings more bearable and productive!

  1. Get out of bed when your alarm goes off!

    This mights seem silly or obvious but I know that too often I wake up when my alarm gets off but don’t always get out of bed… Staying in bed makes you so much more likely to fall asleep again as you bed is never as comfortable as it is in the morning, but trust me, you will just feel even more tired when you finally do get out of bed.

  2. Make your bed

    Following on from the previous point, making your bed will make you less likely to get back into it and fall asleep, not impossible, but a lot less likely!

  3. Shower

    Having a shower in the morning always makes me feel more refreshed and ready for the day, it definitely wakes me up, especially with nice smelling body wash! You could even…
  4. Listen to music (in the shower)

    I wake up every morning to a radio alarm playing music and I know that I couldn’t get through the morning without music! Turn up the radio or listen to your favourite playlist to get you motivated for the day!

  5. Go for a walk or run

    Even if it’s only a short run round the park, the fresh air will help you wake up and feel more refreshed and revitalised. This can also give you some time to yourself to think about the day. Imagine how you want the day to go; by doing this you are mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead rather than rushing into everything.


  6. Wake up with something to look forward to

    Do you remember the feeling of waking up on Christmas day as a child? Or of waking up to go on holiday? Why can’t we have this feeling everyday?!
    One of the best ways I’ve found of motivating myself to get up and have a productive morning is to have something to look forward to, so whether that’s simply treating yourself to pancakes for breakfast, or meeting up with a friend, just have something every morning that makes you want to get out of bed and start the day!

I hope you find these tips helpful and I’d love to know what you think!

Chloe x

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18 thoughts on “Productive Mornings

  1. This is exactly what I need to read right now Chloe! 💖 Perfect morning motivation! I love the suggestion of listening to music in the shower, that’s such a good way to start the day feeling positive & energised! I totally agree that having something to look forward makes you want to get out of bed! 😍 Fantastic post, thank you for sharing xx

    Bexa |

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  2. Amazing post! I am shocked that people often don’t care about their morning routines. But that’s when you can be most productive, that’s the time of day that sets the mood for the rest of the day. What you do in the morning will determine how productive your entire day is.

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    1. Thank you Christian. Yes I am always my most productive in the morning, and it definitely affects the rest of my day. I’m hoping by really focusing on getting off to a positive start my days will be more productive too! Thank you for reading!

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  3. This post has been so helpful! I’ve just written a piece on how unmotivated i feel today and January in general if you fancy checking it out… one tip that i use myself is writing a list! It always makes me feel a little more organised! Will definitely be trying these tips you recommend to try to get back into routine. Thanks for the inspiration!

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