My One New Year’s Resolution

This is my last post of 2017. I’m going to make it short and sweet.

I started to write a post about my goals for 2018, but seeing the list of everything that I wanted to achieve in the New Year was massively overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to stop, and breathe.


Okay, so I still have my list of goals and it might take more me than a year to achieve them, but that’s okay.

My goals may change along the way, and that’s also okay.

I going to move forward in the direction of my goals, and even if I don’t reach them it’s alright because I will have still progressed, even if it’s only baby steps.

So this year I’m just going to try my best, and not feel bad for it because that’s all I can do.

The future is not set in stone, so anything can happen. A year ago I would never have believed some of the things that have happened and where I would be today.

I have multiple goals for the future but my one resolution is to believe in myself and try my best, and from that everything will come. (Well technically I guess that’s two… but I’m not going to waste time worrying about that!)

Thank you to all of you who have joined me on my journey, I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Chloe x

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5 thoughts on “My One New Year’s Resolution

    1. Thank you, I just realised that writing a long list wasn’t going to do anything apart from make me less likely to start any of them, so I’ve tried to keep it simple this year xx


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