Ways to Organise your Life and Prepare for the New Year

The week between Christmas and New Year always feels like a strange sort of liminal space in time. The excitement of Christmas has passed and we’re left with an emptiness as we all wait for the New Year. This year I have decided to use this time to take control and get my life in order, or as much as it can be, ready for 2018.


Here are my tips for getting ready for the New Year:

Clear out old things

Clearing out my room is something I always seem to start but never finish. I am so bad at throwing things away ‘just in case’ I need that old bag I haven’t used since school, or ‘just in case’ I ever find the perfect top to wear it with that cardigan I haven’t worn for years. I decided to be more strict with myself and decided to go by the rule:

‘if it hasn’t been used in the past 5 years, it has to go’

Initially I though there wouldn’t be that many things in my room I hadn’t used at least once in the past five years, but it turned out to be an embarrassing large number of things in my room. There were some things that I kept for sentimental purposes (or just because I didn’t want to throw them out!), but using this rule did help to eliminate a lot of things that I just didn’t need. This task took a long time, but I’d felt a lot better once I had done this; my room is now tidier and I have a lot more space.

I packed up all my old things that were still in good condition to take to a charity shop, and decided to sell a few things online, such as clothes I’d bought but only worn a couple of times.

Do 2 minute tasks

So I read this somewhere, and I have to say this is honestly one of the most valuable pieces of advice ever!

If a task takes less than 2 minutes then do it now!

Whether that is sending an email, folding away or hanging up your clothes, or washing up that cup you’ve just used, it saves all these tiny tasks from building up and becoming a whole list of arduous tasks to get done. Ten 2 minute tasks already adds up to 20 minutes, after which I would always decided to reward myself with a undeserved break! But getting these tasks out of the way can help reduce stress as you won’t always be thinking of these little things that you really should do in the back of your mind, as you will have already done them!



If you didn’t already know, I live by ‘To do’ lists! For Christmas I received a ‘to do’ list pad, which is magnetic so you can stick it on the fridge, and inside it has little boxes so you can tick off each ‘to do’. I absolutely love this and it will definitely be coming back to uni with me to help me organise all my work and finals deadlines!

Meal Planning

I have decided to give meal planning a go in an attempt to eat more healthily and structure my day more as I have very few contact hours at university. I have also been wanting to try out new recipes and try to budget better. After writing a list of recipes I knew I could make, and some I wanted to try, I planned out my meals in my weekly calendar and came up with a shopping list for each week. I am excited to see how this goes!

How are you preparing for 2018?

Chloe x

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