Little Box of Happiness

I wanted to share this little box of happiness with you to spread some happiness and also because I think it’s a really lovely idea!

It’s pretty self explanatory in that it’s a little box filled with items to remind you of reasons to be happy when you may be feeling sad.


An eraser… so you can make your mistakes disappear

Although you can’t erase the past or get back time, I feel this reminds me that our future isn’t set in stone and we have the power to write our own futures. It’s never too late to change!

A coin… so you can never say I’m broke

Being a student and leaving home I’ve had to learn how to budget and spend money wisely. I guess a penny won’t buy you much nowadays, but as they say pennies make pounds!

A marble… in case you’ve lost yours

Sometimes it can feel as though we are loosing control of life as things get busy and stressful, but this serves as a reminder to take a step back and focus on one thing at a time which is always far more manageable! You can read my post Step by Step on achieving goals.

A key… to unlock your potential

This reminds us that we all have the ability to reach our potential.

A peg… to hold things together if they come apart

I have found that pegs are particularly useful being a musician and playing outside, to stop music from blowing off the music stands! It’s okay if life sometimes feels as if it is falling apart, there are always pegs around to hold it together.

A heart… to remind you how loved you are

For me this is the most important as it is okay to need people and for them to make you happy when you are feeling sad. Just call a friend or chat to a family member and it can make all the difference!


You can buy these boxes or even make your own with your own special touch. They are very simple to put together and would make a really thoughtful gift. You could even make it more personal by adding photos to give it an extra personal touch!

I love that each item symbolises something that can help you when you’re feeling down, and although the the actual tiny objects don’t necessarily solve the problem, they serve as a little reminder of what does make us happy, just in case we sometimes forget!

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and I wish everyone a very happy day!

Chloe x



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