Favourite Moments – February

Our lives are made up of moments and memories that we make and I think it’s important to recognise the ones that make us happy. I’ve been wanting to write a post like this partly because I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s favourites posts, and also because I want to take time to remember all the good moments in February.

This month has been pretty stressful as I’ve been particularly busy trying to keep up with uni work and lots of rehearsals, which is why my review of February is being posted well into March!

Valentines Day

I had a lovely day on Valentines day despite it being a Tuesday which is my busiest day of the week. At 9am my boyfriend and I went for a coffee and a breakfast toastie in my favourite cafe before my 10am seminar! Later, after spending all day on campus, we went out for a meal in the evening and it was really nice just to relax and not think about work for once. We went to ASK Italian and had the Valentines special menu which was incredible!

New running PB 

This month I finally got back into running regularly after the holidays and in February I got a new personal best time for running 5k which was 28 seconds faster than my old PB! I love running because it’s something you can just do for you and set your own goals.I always feel so good after running and reaching my goals and setting new times to beat gives me a great sense of achievement and motivates me to run more!


One of the perks of being a music student are all the concerts that I get to go and see either for free or at discounted student rates! At the University of Birmingham there’s regular lunchtime concerts on campus and I went to see a performance of Beethoven’s 7th symphony played by a wind group which was highly enjoyable!


On reflection I ate out quite a lot in February, well quite a lot considering I’m on a student budget! I went for curry at an Indian restaurant with my boyfriend and his family. I had a rogan josh curry which was really good but the portion sizes were huge! When we left we were given a rose each, which I though was a really lovely touch.

‘What is home’ blog post

February has been my first proper month of blogging and I’ve really enjoyed trying something new and joining the blogging community! I just wanted to share one of my favourite blog posts of February ‘What is home, as it is a subject that blogging given me the time to explore in more depth and means a lot to me.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this and it has inspired me to take more time to acknowledge moment that make me happy more often. ideally I’d like to try and do it everyday, but considering the amount of work I have to do and the times when life takes over, realistically it would be more practical to take time at the end of each week to just relax and appreciate the good times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it! You can keep updated by following my instagram: chloeluye

I’d love to know about your favourite moments in February!

Chloe x

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