What is home?

‘What is home? This question was raised at the beginning one of my music lectures and at the time I remember being confused as to how it would relate to music and couldn’t think of an answer. Perhaps combined with the fact that I was not having the best of days, I was reluctant to think about the question more and come up with a ‘deep’ answer. However, on reflection, it’s a question I feel requires more than just five minutes thought, so I have decided to explore my thoughts through writing.

This is a question to which I struggle to find a definitive answer, for many reasons. The first one being that I’m currently studying at university, so during term time I live at my uni house which I often refer to as home particularly after a long day when I just want to get home and go to bed! This is probably the case of many students, as university becomes a temporary home, a home away from home. During the holidays I go home to where my family live and where I spent most of my life growing up which I guess would be my permanent home. Looking at it this way I have two homes which may answer the question if home is simply defined as where you live.

However, surely the concept of home is more than just the bricks and roof? Home is where family is and what’s more, home is the place that you miss when you feel homesick, a place where you belong. For some people this may be the actual house, and for others it may be the people in it, regardless of where they are.

For me, home is where I go back to during the holidays, but it is also something more. I was adopted from China when I was a baby, and even though it isn’t something I have any memories of, it feels like I have a lost home that I know nothing about somewhere across the world. Thinking about it, China feels like a ghost home with an unwritten story. Maybe if I hadn’t moved to England I would have grown up to think of another place across the world as home. But I no longer think of it like that, my home and life is now in England as that is all I’ve really known.

I still share some aspects of the Chinese culture such as celebration Chinese New Year which maintains the link I have with my short and unknown past, but if I were to move to China I think that I’d feel incredibly lost and I would definitely miss my home in England. Having said that I am planning on going to visit, but with a return flight ticket so I can come back home!

So to answer the question, for me, home is where I live with my family here in England, and well as where I reside during term time at university (although it’s more of an accommodation than a home). But for now it feels like I also have a shadow of a home, something that might have been, in China.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it really means a lot to me! I’d love to know what your answers are to this question are!

Chloe x

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