Step by Step

When I was younger I always used to dream about the future and how my life would turn out. I remember it all being so vivid in my head that it almost felt like a certainty, but now that I’m technically an adult it feels like I should have my life sorted the way I’d expected it to be – inevitably it hasn’t worked out that way!

Firstly I had been thinking there was only one way of achieving the life I wanted, but as I’ve grown older, the things I enjoy and the life I wanted has changed, so naturally I don’t want exactly the same lifestyle I’d imagined when I was younger. I used to want to be a vet, a dentist and a acrobat, all of which were short lived! It feels like going through school the closer I’ve got to finding a job, the less of an idea I’ve had about it all.

Sometimes our life goals and ambitions make us feel bad because we feel that we can’t achieve them, making us feel like a failure or that we are just trying to be too ambitious and unrealistic. However it may just be that the way we try to reach our goals is unrealistic, and not the goals themselves. It’s good to have ambitions, but I’ve realised that in order to make them a positive goal to work towards you need to find realistic ways of getting there, one step at a time.

Make smaller goals which are more manageable and contribute to the larger ambition. Breaking it down makes each goal more achievable and each time you reach on it takes you one step closer to where you want to be. In doing this success will come more frequently, rather than always seeming a million miles away, which will keep you motivated. By thinking of it this way it makes the goal seem more attainable, rather than always putting yourself down for not getting there straight away.

As well as this it’s become apparent that there is no ‘one way’ of doing anything! There may be more conventional pathways of getting to where you want to be but why not try the unexplored route, which may open up even more opportunities? Going with the pathway analogy, setbacks may just be signposts indicating a different direction to the same place but with more opportunities along the way.

All this has made me realise that it’s the way I’ve been thinking about it that is the problem and that all that is stopping me is me. So maybe dreams aren’t always as unattainable as sometimes they may seem. It may just be that we’re taking a different pathway which will make us stronger along the way.

I hope you’d enjoyed reading this and it had helped you to take another step towards reaching your goals!

Chloe x

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