Running Motivation and Mentality

As stated in my bio I have a love/ hate relationship with running! A lot of the time I am reluctant to get out and go on a run, but whilst I’m actually running and the feeling of achievement after every run is why I continue to run. The fact that I do enjoy running when I’ve got going, makes me think that the ‘hate’ relationship is more to do with mental aspects rather than physical ones. I am by no way an expert in running but I’d like to share my own experiences with you.

At school I used to hate everything about cross country, running through the mud in Winter, being cold and out of breath and I never felt any sense of self-motivation to run or like I’d achieved anything after I’d finished. It was only when I got to sixth form, and cross country was not compulsory, that I really discovered running. Now I’m at uni running is a great way of getting regular exercise and something that I enjoy a lot more, and I even ran a half marathon last year. Despite all this I still get the familiar feeling of not wanting to go outside when it’s cold and I’m all snuggled up in bed!

This morning I was torn between having a lie in and getting up to go to parkrun. I’m lucky enough to live close enough that I can walk to my local parkrun on Saturdays. Having stayed up late last night and considering that I had also run yesterday I was tempted to go back to sleep when my alarm went off. I have only been running twice since the Christmas holidays, and I felt finding the motivation to go running a lot harder as my fitness levels had considerably dropped! I also find that when I have a lot of work piling up I convince myself that I don’t have time to go running. It did not look like that I was going to go running today, but at the last minute I quickly grabbed my trainers and got ready before I could change my mind! As soon as I got out the door and saw the blue sky I immediately felt better, as it’s no fun running in the rain!

I enjoy parkrun as running with there people really pushes you and keeps you going at the times when you really want to stop and walk. Having walked a couple of times on my run yesterday I was determined to run the whole 5k. During the run I really pushed myself, constantly thinking ‘this is what I need to do’ if I want to get back to the  fitness levels I was at last year. After I had completed the run I was very tired but felt that I had done much better than I had expected to!

One of the things I enjoy most about running is the elated feeling and sense of personal achievement I get afterwards which always makes me glad I decided to go for a run. I always think as nice as lie-ins are I never feel as happy as I do after a run! Despite being nearly a minute off my PB I am happy that I went and I know that this run will mentally make the next run easier.

I hope that this post has motivated you to just go for it the next time you’re debating over whether to go for a run or not! Please comment if you have any questions and do let me know your thoughts and if you have any other tips for motivating yourself to go running!

Chloe x

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