University Life

I am currently in my second year of studying music at university and I would love to share my experiences with you!

Compared to first year, this year is a lot more work with the added pressure that it actually counts towards my final grade! Having said that I’ve definitely felt more at home this year and didn’t need to spend so much time getting to know new people and finding my way around (which I guess what first year is for!). Before I came to university I was under the illusion that I would have a lot more spare time as I was only going to be studying one subject, but I was so wrong!

During the week, on top of work for lectures and seminars I have rehearsals. Due to the nature of music and my course, luckily I don’t have very many early starts, but I do have to stay late for rehearsals. I generally spend the weekend reading course related stuff (which takes a lot of time!) catching up on work and trying to sort out my life!

I don’t go out as much as I did in first year but I do enjoy catching up with friends over coffee or lunch. I would also like to find time to run regularly again as I took a long break from running and exercise over Christmas!

There are so many different opportunities at university, such as concerts and playing in shows, which makes me say yes to so many different things and then sometimes finding myself overwhelmed. This year I have tried to be conscious to what I say yes to, considering how much time I realistically have, but I want to make the most of having such amazing opportunities!

I hope you enjoyed reading this insight into my life at uni and I would love any comments as to what you think!

Chloe x

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