Time for Tea

Everybody needs time for tea!

img_6192Despite my Chinese genes, I have adopted the British tea loving sentiment! I do like regular breakfast tea, but I’ve recently tried a new green tea. I normally only drink green tea when I’m trying to be healthy or don’t have any milk! But for Christmas I was treated to a spa treatment at a hotel with my Mum, Grandma and sister, where I had a lovely facial and hand massage. After my treatment the beautician offered me a selection of fruit and herbal teas. I decided to have the Tropical Green Tea, which was brought to me in a little clear teapot with a glass of water. It was a lovely calming tea with so many subtle favours infused with the scent, which is very different to the normal green tea I have tried

My Mum managed to find the same (or very similar) tea and bought me some to take back to uni! I opened it today and the scent of the tea bags even before I added water was so strong and sweet. It still uses tea leaves, but conveniently packaged in a material triangle tea bag. I would agree that it definitely has a tropical taste, I would highly recommend!

I never though I’d write a post on tea! But I also never though I’d own a blog, so I’m embracing the new experiences. Take some time for yourself and enjoy a cup of tea!

Chloe x

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