What is home?

‘What is home? This question was raised at the beginning one of my music lectures and at the time I remember being confused as to how it would relate to music and couldn’t think of an answer. Perhaps combined with the fact that I was not having the best of days, I was reluctant to … Continue reading What is home?


Step by Step

When I was younger I always used to dream about the future and how my life would turn out. I remember it all being so vivid in my head that it almost felt like a certainty, but now that I’m technically an adult it feels like I should have my life sorted the way I’d […]


I guess a blog is like a snapshot of my life, capturing moments of significance, and thoughts that I’d like to share with you; but sometimes it’s so easy to capture the good times and not the bad, making life seem perfect when in reality it is far from it. Like everyone, I have good and […]